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SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. This little booklet provides short excerpts of the Buddha's first teachings as selected from The Teaching of Buddha, Many temples and dharma schools find Messages from Buddha an appropriate and concise, structured  introduction to the Buddha's thought.

We provide the booklet free to individuals on request and in quantity to Temples or other Dharma centers. Distribution currently is subject to the same restrictions as The Teaching of Buddha. That is, we can usually send individual copies or larger quantities anywhere within the continental United States. Contact us if you request shipment elsewhere; and we will forward your request. Or reach out to the appropriate BDK regional office.


Brief introduction to Buddhist teachings
5 x 3.5 x 0.16
+ shipping


This booklet contains parables and simple expressions which represent the essence of the Sutras—the true teachings of the Shakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. With ink-brush illustrations. 

Passages in the publication were excerpted and edited from The Teaching of Buddha, which is published by Bukkyō Dendō Kyōkai. See our catalog of various edition of The Teaching of Buddha at the top of this web page.

Table of Contents

While Messages from the Buddha does not include a separate table of contents, this list of section headings will give you a feel for what it covers.

Introduction [The Three Treasures of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha]    1


A Question of Life: The Sufferings of the Young Prince    2
The Heart of Buddha    6
A Parable of the Burning House     7
Four Vows    8
Everlasting Buddha     9


The Teaching of Buddha  10
Four Truths     11
Eight Right Paths    12
Causes and Conditions     14
Prejudiced View     15
View of the Middle Way     16
Emptiness     17
The Form of Water     18
The Seed of Buddhahood     19
Five Walls     20
Dhammapada [sample of seven verses]    21


Seeking of the Path     22
Nonexistent Poppy Seeds     24
The Third Story without the Foundation     25
The Tail and the Head     26
Kindess for the Bamboo     27
The Heart of Arrogance     28
Six Practices     29
The Seven Kinds of Offering     30
Neither Too Tight nor Too Loose     31

[End Matter]

Make of Yourself a Light: Rely upon Yourself     32
Buddhist Denominations in Japan     35