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Class Updates 


Feb. 18, 2020. BDK America is grateful for the talented instructors who allow it to offer cultural classes at its Moraga and Berkeley locations. Classes in Ikebana are taught by Jane Suiei Naito Sensei of Ikebana Now and classes in Tea and Yoga by Yufuko Kurioka Galbraith Sensei of No Gate Tea.

The Ikebana schedule is available through 2020. The Tea and Yoga schedule is now updated through March.

Our Moraga office is at 1675 School Street; Berkeley classes are held at the residence at 2620 Warring Street (limited parking). Inquiries can be addressed to the instructors as shown or the Moraga office at 925-388-0067.


Classes in 2020

To start classes in Ikebana, please reach out to Suiei Sensei at (415) 378-1100 or See also the Ikebana Now Facebook page. Suiei Sensei can discuss your level and suggest appropriate classes.

Class Schedule for Ikebana Classes at BDK America in Moraga

1/16/20Moraga10:00 AMBeginning level
2/20/20Moraga10:00 AMBeginning level
3/19/20Moraga10:00 AMBeginning level
4/16/20Moraga10:00 AMBeginning level
5/28/20Moraga10:00 AMBeginning level
6/18/20Moraga10:00 AMBeginning level
7/17/20AlamedaTBAPrep for Ikebana Show
7/18/20AlamedaTBAIkebana Show
7/19/20AlamedaTBAPossible teardown Ikebana Show
8/20/20Moraga10:00 AMBeginning level
9/17/20No ClassBeginning level
10/29/20Moraga10:00 AMBeginning level
11/19/20Moraga10:00 AMBeginning level
12/17/20Moraga10:00 AMBeginning level

BDK is presenting ikebana classes at its Moraga location. However, Suiei Sensei and Ikebana Now offer classes elsewhere if more convenient See all 2020 Ikebana Classes in the Bay Area here.

Tea and Yoga

Class Schedule 

To start classes in Tea or Yoga, please reach out to Kurioka Sensei at See also the website at and Facebook page. Kurioka Sensei can discuss your level and suggest appropriate classes.

The Japanese Way of Tea and the Art of Wearing Kimono

A Buddhist Approach to Yoga